Production History

Le Nouveau International is an Arts Organization that was officially founded in 2009 by Sandi Armstrong, Mark Louch and Alain Mercieca. However, for almost a decade before this, the group existed in different, secretive forms in order to avoid being followed or blacklisted: The Yukon Boys, Stag Nation, Pat’s Theatre, Kick The Pricks, Theatre 314, the VIC, CAFé CAFé, Love and Dreams are all troupes that involved Alain Mercieca as a primary writer or performer, and most of them also included Mark Louch. Please note that films are not included in the list and every show was a comedy. Click on the show of your choice for more information, and for an abundance of extra shows that were produced in those same years.


Fear and Misery Under the Second Bush (as part of the Ground Zero play festival)

I’m Laughing Because I’m Scared

Fat Is Freedom

1,2,3 Times A Baby

Le Tavernac


Who Killed My Boss At The HMV?


The United States of America Doesn’t Exist, (part of the St-Ambroise Fringe Festival of Montreal)


A Fat Man Dancing

Squeegee Nights

Who’s Going to Drive You Home?

My Heart is A Police State


TREE SLUTS!: a play about treeplanting

Third City



CAFé CAFé, the Original


CAFé CAFé, Cigarettes and Spit

CAFé CAFé, The Revolution

CAFé CAFé, Origins

CAFé CAFé, Asshole magnet on my heart (as part of Zoofest)

The Meconium Diaries

Mystic Focus

My Duane Reade Cloister (Christmas in NY)


Le Nouveau’s Nouvel An Show

The Chicoutimi Kid

Party Central 2.5

CAFé CAFé: Paris

The 5th Annual Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival

Vagaries of the Moon (as part of the 20th Annual St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival) – Nominated for the Cirque du Soleil award for Best Original Creation.

Match Made in Hell

Match Made in Hell: Everything Doesn’t Happen For A Reason

Match Made in Hell: Society is Perfect

Ogoki Nights

The Lost Thought of Loucho the Clown

Match Made in Hell: Montreal Orphan’s Christmas


Squeegee Nights: A punk rock musical.

Rock’n’Roll Prayer

24-Hour Plays

The 6th Annual Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival

The Only Bar

Les CAFés Tragiques

Ogoki Nights 2: Lifer

Cornered by Jim Burke, co-production with Rabbit in a Hat

Romantic Bacon

Shitflakes and Snowburgers



The Most Important Play Ever Told

Dépflies: Frappe les rues

Mama’s Club

Match Made in Hell: Subtle Motifs

Dépflies: Moé pis toé

The 7th Annual Sketch Comedy Festival

Jesus Christ Super Band

Dépflies: Gonna Make You Cry Tonight

Millenium Balcon


10,000 Plays


3rd Year Anniversary: BBQ Poet


OGOKI THREE: Return to Duff City (Jan 11th – 19th)

TSC Live Television (Feb 7th)

Jesus Christ Super Band (March 20th – 23rd)

8th Annual Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival (May 20th to 26th)

Wesley the Muse (Aug 29th – 31st)

24-Hour Plays: Embracing the End  (Sept 24th)

Dépflies 6 : Bling Blingualism (Sept 19th to 28th)

Adopted at Death (performed at Mainline Theatre as part of the first annual SOLOS Festival) (Nov 9th)

Le Dernier Brigadier/The Guardians of the Cross (Dec 19th – 21st)


24-Hour Plays: Sports! Sports! Sports! (Jan 24th)

Makin’ Cinema: An Evening of Short Films (Jan 31st)

Art. Démolition (co-production with Studio Béluga for Nuit Blanche à Montreal 2014) (March 1st)

Dépflies 7: Jusqu’au dernier flocon (6 à 15 mars)

Le Nouveau Cinema Club (March 20th)

Jesus Christ Super Band (Apr 11th-20th)

24-Hour Plays (May 10th)

The 9th Annual Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival (May 19th-25th)

Wesley the Muse (June 27 & 28)

Dépflies 8: Déprezent (Sept 24 – Oct 4)