Le Dernier Brigadier/Guardians of the Cross (2013)

Written by Alain Mercieca & Glyn Jones

Presented at Théâtre Ste. Catherine December 18th-20th, 2013

Starring: Paul Naiman, Katie Leggitt, Hugo Prévosteau, Anton Golikov, Mark Louch, Sandi Armstrong, Alain Mercieca, Simon Chavarie, Catherine Moreau, Lise Vigneault, Al Lafrance
Set Design by Mark Louch
Lights & Sound by Sam Barrette and Glyn Jones

Synopsis: A bilingual murder mystery comedy by Alain Mercieca (Dépflies, CAFé CAFé). A group of crossing guards in Montreal learn that one of their own has been murdered. This sets off a string of incidents that reveal some cold, hard truths, made even colder by the fact that it is winter. Twitter-using thugs, an unrequited love affair requited in the most bizarre of circumstances, the power of soup and a whole bucket of laughs rewarded those who were willing to suck back this amazing narrative!