The Crew

Le Nouveau International wouldn’t exist without its core members. Below is a list of everyone who’s regularly involved with LNI, and a little bit about them!

Alain Bar      Alain Mercieca – Artistic Director, Head Writer
Mark     Mark Louch – Artistic Producer, General Manager

Sandi      Sandi Armstrong – Improv Teacher, Director

Hugo Prévosteau – Assistant to the Artistic Director
Maité Sinave – Comédienne, Professeure d’improvisation
Erin Hall – Communications Director
Emily Emond – Coordonatrice aux communications
Danny Belair – Media Director
Paul Naiman – Actor, Former Poet-in-residence
Stefan Petersen – Comedian, Former Poet-in-residence
Simon Chavarie – Comédien, Drunkest Man Alive
Reda Saoui – Stand-Up Comic
Katie Leggitt – Actress, Community Leader
Deirdre Trudeau – Head of Bar Staff
Al Lafrance – Theatre Wizard, Web guy
Dayv Luciak – Improv Technician
Lise Vigneault – Actress, Former starlet
Josh Budman – Improv geek
Anton Golikov – Head Apprentice
Heidi Lynne Weekes – Actress
Sam Barrette – Film Representative, Director of Ogoki Nights: The Movie
Jeff Louch – Musical Director
Peter Stevens – Improv Guru
Glyn Jones – Poetry Consultant
Nick Farrah – Media Attaché
Cat Moreau – Community leader, francophone division
Caroline Braun – Actress, Legal Advisor
Keith Waterfield – Founder of the TSC Twitter account
Emilia Alverez – Artistic Collaborator
Eric Amber – Film Producer, Founder of Sketchfest, Builder of the Theatre.
Pat Downing – Costume Designer
Annie Ouellette – Resident Painter
Lark – All-around muse, scrollwriter
Karl St-Jean – Head scenester
Rebecca Snape – Photographer
Sophie Croteau – French Commie
George Hamilton Braithewaite – Original Grinder
Morgan O’Shea – 2nd Original Grinder