TSC Live Television

An event with 4 hours of original live television programming! Fresh shows every half hour all nite long! Comedy Shows, Primetime Soap Opera, Black and White Variety Show + tons of hilarious commercials!

This event Featured all of these awesome comedians and performers!

Alain Mercieca, Simon Chavarie, Morgan O’Shae, Lise Vignault, Wary Nichen, Cath Moreau, Anton Golikov, Reda Saoui, James Soares Correia, Maité Sinave, Tessa Brown, Danny Belair, Jason Hatrick, Pascale Jones, Stephen Spinola, Josh Budman, Rolo Zuniga, Paul Naiman as well as your hosts for the evening, Sandi Armstrong and Stefan Petersen!

Thursday, February 7th, 8pm to midnite
with new shows starting every half hour