The Harmony – A play by Alain Mercieca – April 6th, 2019

April 6 @ 9pm
Doors @8h30
10$+txs+fees here

A sci-fi tragicomedy about what the truly most valuable resource is on earth: Music. Visitors from another galaxy come and ally with us, and all of our seemingly difficult societal problems are solved, no more hunger, no more pollution, yet we are enslaved to make music until nothing matters anymore. The magic of life is gone until our heroes, Bark Medley and Lar Trouba set out to beat the Harmony and reclaim the shittyness of a free world.

with Adalia Pemberton-Smith
Jerome Plumer
Kate Hammer
Simon Chavarie
Jean Bernard
and Deirdre Trudeau

* Cet show est performé en français et anglais *

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