Dépflies X: Til Dép Do us Part (2017)

September 22nd to October 8th, 2017 @ Theatre Sainte-Catherine

The final instalment of DÉPFLIES and the completion of the epic dépalogue. Tragedy and comedy have never been so intimately entwined.

Peter and Marie-Isa’s mom has returned to the dép, and wants to reconnect with her children before heading to a retirement home. Meanwhile, Roger and Nancie battle over Nancie’s desire to settle down. All of this in the backdrop of Peter’s raprock outfit releasing an album Je Me Tiens Drette and the launch of a raucous tour, which Zoe is managing. As usual, it will all lead to some epic spiritual quests on the Turcot Exchange, Alex’s bourgeois vernissages being taken over by punks, and a wild ending to this crazy series of plays.


Simon Chavarie, Lise Vigneault, Elizabeth Fennell, Sandi Armstrong, Maité Sinave, Alain Mercieca, Christine Morency, Anton Golikov, Matt Enos, Chris Sandiford, Heidi Lynne Weeks and Coco Bélliveau.

With music by Jaymie Métivier, and BB Combs

Stage design Marie-Michelle Castonguay, Odrey Bégin & André Simoneau

Produced by Le Nouveau International, Mark Louch and Erin Hall