Jesus Christ Superband IV (2014)




In April of 2014, for the third year in a row, Le Nouveau International presented their gender-bending, indie rock inspired musical comedy Jesus Christ Superband celebrating the greatest ROCK OPERA ever made. Featuring songs from the world famous musical Jesus Christ Superstar with an injection of original, improvised-style comedy that Le Nouveau International is known for, Jesus Christ and his indie rock apostles rocked out the cult classic live, for the most monumental week-long concert ever!


Le Nouveau International’s very own Sandi Armstrong as JESUS CHRIST (Sunday Night Improv)
Local musicians Christian Ngabonziza a.k.a NGÂBO (Dear Denizen, Ngabo) as JUDAS ISCARIOT
Jeff Louch (Dear Denizen, Victory Chimes, Melissa Auf Der Maur) as PONTIUS PILATE
Warren Spicer (Plants & Animals) as MARY MAGDALENE
Tony Spina (Victory Chimes) as PETER
Eric Digras (Plants and Animals, Guy Beaujolais) as ANNAS/SIMON ZEALOT
Josée Forsyth Morrissette (urockeoke) as CAIAPHAS
Liam Tucker (Victory Chimes) as BARTHOLOMEW
LNI Artistic Director Alain Mercieca as KING HEROD
Choreography and dance by Lise Vigneault
Chorus: Stefan Petersen, Deirdre Trudeau, Emilia Jamieson, Lianne Lovegrove Thompson


Jesus Christ Super band was also performed at Théâtre Ste. Catherine in 2013 and 2012