SEASON 2 – Grinders Comedy Lab

Your hosts Alain Mercieca and Stefan Petersen Photo: Danny Belair

Your hosts Alain Mercieca and Stefan Petersen
Photo: Danny Belair

After a brief hiatus, Grinders is BACK for its 2nd season.

Come on down!


Hosts: Jacob Greco, Alain Mercieca & Stefan Petersen, Grindin’ Photo: Danny Belair

If you’ve already borne witness to the murderdog mayhem that is Grinders Comedy Lab, you already know what a perfect storm looks like. Get ready for way more intense laughs, way less tears, a cook-off between Jacob Greco and Morgan O’Shea, an all male wet t-shirt contest, an all female non-sexist dry t-shirt contest, tons of jokes and funny stories, a bit of music and your favorite local comics talking into a microphone. GRIND, GRIND, GRIND, GRIND, GRIND!

Halfway between selling out and burning established comedy norms to the ground, Grinders OPEN MIC aims to be a second home for comedians and comedy fans alike. If you like your comedy just a tiny bit edgy, Grinders OPEN MIC is the place for you!

Grinders OPEN MIC te permet d’entraîner les normes de l’humour ordinaire aux oubliettes!!

Cet évènement atypique à Montréal est comme une deuxième maison pour les comédiens hors de l’ordinaire de la métropole! Si t’aime l’humour « on the edge » Grinders est définitivement pour toi! Grinders met en vedette les plus audacieux et les plus brillants humoristes de Montréal! T’a envie d’une prestation solide avec des DJ sua coche!? Grinders sera ton nouvel évènement pref!

Grinders COMEDY LAB Every Tuesday.
Doors at 8:30. Show at 9:00.
Five Dollars.
Stefan Petersen and Alain Mercieca, Hosts.

If you wish to perform, email us at or just pop in.

Photo: Danny Belair

Photo: Danny Belair

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