Genuis Gold @ ZOOFEST 2014

Genius Gold won the ZooFest award at Montreal Sketchfest 2014!!!!

Genius Gold is a sketch comedy duo comprised of Le Nouveau International’s Artistic Director Alain Mercieca and his good buddy Keith Waterfield. Their show « Genius Gold » brings a frenetic madness and tension to the stage that leads one to question « Why am I so in love? »

Champions of the avant-garde, their comedy seeks to unite the divided, and separate the many. A barrage so insane, they aim to touch on every possible joke-subject ever.

« I don’t think I stopped laughing once through their entire set… Absolutely killed. »
-Montreal Rampage, Robyn Homeniuk

July 31, Aug 1, Aug 2 all at 11:30pm at Théâtre Ste Catherine

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